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Higher Ed Is Boring

Dear Readers,

You read that right! I, a higher ed professional and higher ed blogger, think that higher ed is boring. Let me clarify: higher ed is boring to talk about to and with anyone whose not in the field. As such, there’ll be some changes to this blog, but more importantly to the Surviving & Thriving Podcast I co-host with my friend Codie.

While I still love higher education and my passion ain’t goin’ no where, I want to branch out in terms of the topics I cover on the blog and the things we talk about on the podcast. Higher ed will still be one of my main lenses here but it just won’t be the only one. Although, I don’t think it ever was the only one.

Especially in light of the protests and my journey to becoming an effective and productive ally to the black community, it’s time to step out of my higher ed bubble.

I do hope that you stick around on this ever direction-changing train of mine. After all, the beauty of life lies in the unexpected twists and turns – in the scenery on the long way round.



P.S.: Our new episode of the S&T podcast comes out THIS SUNDAY, June 14th. Follow us on insta to stay up to snuff everything!

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