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I’m Moving – Told Using LOTR Gifs

I'm in the middle of moving, so here's a quick, fun post about how it's going using gifs from one of my fave trilogies: Lord of the Rings!

Yesterday, April 23rd, was my last day at my current (now old) job. I had all my last meetings via Zoom, so saying Goodbye looked kinda like this:

Because guess what, y’all!

I’ve slowly started packing and realize I have way too much sh*t. So every time I pack a box to the max, I’m like:

I’ve been hitting up my friends for help like:

And fortunately, they haven’t disappointed:

And I was surprised because I didn’t help them move…😳 (In my defense, they never asked 🥺):

I finally got my keys to the new place and stared at them in awe like this:

And thought to myself:

I already know though that the morning after move-in, I’ll probably wake up in the new place all confused:

But not before my mom, self-proclaimed “moving supervisor”, works us into exhaustion:

So I’ll be sure to pump up my moving crew before we get started like this (except with high fives instead of swords…):

I’ll try to get out of moving one more box by using my inner drama queen:

Spoiler alert: It won’t work…

Honestly yall, I hate moving and can’t wait to be:

Maybe food will cheer me up:

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