That’s me right there. This blog started out with a focus on higher education, as that is my career field, but has slowly blossomed into something much bigger. I share my thoughts, feelings & opinions on a variety of topics from education to racial justice to being a millennial. I value being honest, open and vulnerable and as such share both my successes and failures in detail. I hope that by me sharing my stories and the lessons I learned from them, I can help others!

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My Dog’s Thoughts Using Gifs from Community

Her judgmental eyes say this, every morning when I wake up Then, when we get up for the day and she clearly can’t handle her excitement As I rush to get dressed, she keeps following me around and looking at me like this Oh, but it dare not rain because then she gets all confused… Continue Reading →

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Transitioning away from my WFH series, in this new series, I’ll be elevating the voices of BIPOC who are doing amazing work and have been far before white people’s recent awakening to racism.

Each month, we’ll read one book and together we will learn and grow as allies in order to tear down and dismantle systemic racism and white supremacy.

Links to books, black-owned businesses, toolkits and more to help you become the best ally in the fight for racial justice.

I’ve been documenting my life since Covid 19 moved my work remote. See how life has been going since I started advising my students from home.

Guides and hacks that I’ve developed for my fellow higher ed professionals based on my own experiences. Wins, losses and all!

If you just wanna scroll through all of my posts, uninhibited, this is the place to go.

Tips and tricks I’ve collected from advising students and from my own time as a student. Ideal for advisors to share with their students.

I have learned a lot of skills since graduating and would love to share them with you in a more personal context. This is where you can find some one-on-one services, such as mock phone interviews, that I am currently offering.