About Me

That’s me right there!

This blog started out with a focus on higher education, as that is my career field, but has slowly blossomed into something much bigger. I share my thoughts, feelings & opinions on a variety of topics from education to racial justice to what it’s like being a young professional. I value being honest, open and vulnerable and as such share both my successes and my failures in detail. I’m also a bit of an organization freak and self-proclaimed productivity czar and love writing about my organization and productivity hacks. Lastly, I value the mentors, formal and informal, I’ve had as a young professional so far and I always look for opportunities to pay that forward to new professionals and recent graduates. I hope that by me sharing my stories, the lessons I learned from them, and the expertise I’ve gained so far, I can help others!


Job Search

I graduated from my master’s program not that long ago (2018) and still remember the trials and frustrations that encompass the job search. Having gone through countless phone interviews that were never followed up on and writing what felt like endless amounts of cover letters, coupled with plenty experiences I’ve gathered on the other side as part of numerous search committees, I’ve now amassed a wealth of information on how to ensure you’re the final job candidate.

Need someone to look over your cover letter or resume? How about practicing for your interview? Need to know what questions you definitely need to be ready for? I’m your person!

Organization & Productivity

Not to brag or anything but – what the hell, I’m going to brag for a second. My colleagues constantly marvel at my ability to get shit done! Not only am I highly productive but I place a lot of importance on making sure that the final product is of high quality. I love figuring out new ways of doing things in order to optimize procedures and make my workflow more efficient. Honestly, it really gets my creative juices flowin’!

Have you been feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you have? Do you feel like your to-do list is never-ending? Or have you not seen an empty inbox since first opening your new gmail account?

Let’s work some magic together.