I Am Learning to Deal with Negative Feedback

Let me start off by saying that I am notorious for not handling negative feedback very well. I'm the classic Type A perfectionist who hates making mistakes. My usual response is to get defensive and completely shut down any less-than-stellar comments about my performance. Over the last year, though, I have learned that dealing with... Continue Reading →

The Right Way to Set Goals & Be Productive During Covid-19

Because let's call this whole shit show what it is: traumatizing. We're all working through something traumatic. So, those feelings you're experiencing such as lack of motivation, depression, anxiety, grief, dissociation - they are all part of your mind and soul trying to process what's happening. And when you're working through something traumatic, the last thing you need to worry about is how to be more productive.

My WFH Essentials

Working from home has, no doubt, been an adjustment for many of us. Some of us love it and others not so much. But either way, the transition has been interesting to say the least. In order to make the shift easier for myself, and perhaps for you as well, I have put together this... Continue Reading →

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