Why You Should Stop Cancelling White People

As someone who is quick to judge and unlikely to forgive, I've had a difficult time denouncing cancel culture. Cancel culture, or cancelling someone, usually happens to public figures after they do or say something that the public at large deems unacceptable. To cancel them then means to withdraw support from them, and often shame... Continue Reading →

Higher Ed Is Boring

Dear Readers, You read that right! I, a higher ed professional and higher ed blogger, think that higher ed is boring. Let me clarify: higher ed is boring to talk about to and with anyone whose not in the field. As such, there'll be some changes to this blog, but more importantly to the Surviving... Continue Reading →

Join the Anti-Racism Book Club

All over social media, black people and white (passing) allies have urged everyone to educate themselves on racism in this country and how to be anti-racist. Lists of must-read books, links to articles and tv show recommendations have flooded every social media channel. With this incredible wealth of information, it can be difficult and overwhelming... Continue Reading →

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