Higher Ed Is Boring

Dear Readers, You read that right! I, a higher ed professional and higher ed blogger, think that higher ed is boring. Let me clarify: higher ed is boring to talk about to and with anyone whose not in the field. As such, there'll be some changes to this blog, but more importantly to the Surviving... Continue Reading →

Send Me Your Questions

Since I started this blog in October of last year, I have had multiple people in the field either reach out to me or come up to me to share how much they like my content. First off, I am always incredibly surprised that people actually read my blog. But secondly, I am so grateful... Continue Reading →

I Am Learning to Deal with Negative Feedback

Let me start off by saying that I am notorious for not handling negative feedback very well. I'm the classic Type A perfectionist who hates making mistakes. My usual response is to get defensive and completely shut down any less-than-stellar comments about my performance. Over the last year, though, I have learned that dealing with... Continue Reading →

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