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20 Hard Truths I Learned in 2020

I was scrolling through some of my older blog posts and found this “gem”. My list of 19 things I learned in 2019 working in higher ed. While some of them still resonate with me, there are others that I can now only scoff at (mainly #13 & #17). So I figured it was time to reflect on 2020, to see what I’ve learned and how I feel about the world today.


Productivity does not equal happiness or success


Not everyone who works in a helping profession is a caring person


I don’t know if working with students is my purpose


I’m okay with not knowing


My self-worth is not defined by others


Expectations are just future disappointments


I underestimated the value and necessity of patience


The universe doesn’t owe me anything


I am so much more than my job title


Resting my identity on my career is toxic & stupid and so is the fact that our culture perpetuates it


I have a serious addiction to sugar*

*Okay fine, this one I’ve known for several years…


I only like to try new things if there is a high probability that I’ll be good at it


Turns out, I have to put in time & energy & patience & persistence, if I want to become good at something


I have an unhealthy need to constantly check my email, including my work email after hours


Getting tattoos is partially a coping mechanism


Success of those who are younger than me sometimes makes me feel insecure


I am learning that success is relative


Boredom causes me anxiety


I’m like a dog in that I am constantly seeking out validation from others and for someone to tell me what a good job I’m doing


It was really challenging to come up with 20 items for this list 😉

What are some things you learned in 2020? Do any of mine resonate with you?

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