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WFH Week 2 – Slowly Losing My Sanity

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Here we are, at the end of week 2 of working from home and social distancing. It was during this week that I slowly started losing it…

I made a Tik Tok

Yes, you read that right. This is how I knew I was starting to lose my sanity. I’m a 26-year old woman and I made a Tik Tok with my dog. Look, it all happened so fast, okay? I was sitting there, minding my own business and then I looked at my dog and back at my phone and at my dog and back at my phone and then it just happened. Read until the end of this post to see the atrocity I produced.

I prefer traffic

I am writing this blog post right after my trip to the grocery store because I ran out of, you guessed it, bananas! The streets that are normally congested with cars, pedestrians and canines were shockingly empty. I breezed through the green lights with ease, gliding across the pavement unencumbered by the usual Sunday drivers. And during all of the times when I wished that I could drive through the city so easily, I never thought I’d wish to have the traffic back.

Daily goals

I felt a little down at the beginning of the week and so I decided to start my day by writing down the following goal: find something positive today. A few hours later, I had my first online Zoom class and it went quite well! The next day, I made the goal to be more disciplined and structured with my day because it helps me feel more productive. And lo and behold, it worked! Today, my goal is to be present and as I write this, my tv is turned off, the black screen reflecting the natural light from outside back at me and my windows are open, inviting the sounds of the cars whizzing by and the birds chirping contently into my home. Starting my day by setting one wider goal has really helped me cope with everything. And sticking to a loose routine has reintroduced some normalcy into my life.

My dad and his puzzles

A few years ago, my mom bought my dad a 3D puzzle for Christmas. Since then, he’s gotten one almost every year. We used to complete them together and compete to see who could find the most matches. Trash talk was a natural part of the process, of course. Sadly, because my dad is immunocompromised I can’t go home – just in case. Fortunately, my parents and I have been face-timing almost daily and so I get to talk to my mother while, in the background, my dad squints his eyes behind his rectangular glasses, trying to find a match. I trash talk him, of course, taunting him with the fact that I was always the one who found the most matches and that he won’t be able to complete this one without me. Every few minutes, he’ll exclaim in excitement and I know he’s found one. It almost feels like I’m home.

Overall, week 2 wasn’t that bad. Aside from the Tik Tok, which, since I promised to share it with you…*sigh*…you can view right here:

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