Working from home has, no doubt, been an adjustment for many of us. Some of us love it and others not so much. But either way, the transition has been interesting to say the least. In order to make the shift easier for myself, and perhaps for you as well, I have put together this list of essentials.

A comfortable workspace

I personally don’t have the space in my apartment for a formal desk but that’s okay because I found something just as good – a spacious lap desk with built in mouse pad and a slot for my phone. The specific one I have is this one from LapGear. It allows me to work from the comfort of my couch without sacrificing efficiency or productivity. The only challenge is that certain furry companions don’t understand that it’s working time and not cuddling time.


Listen, if I’m going to spend nearly 24 hours in my apartment for the next who knows how long, I wanna feel calm and zen. For me that means candles and lots of’em. This unscented pillar candle from Target has been my favorite because it’s huge and thus will last a while- not to mention it has pretty flowers in it. What can I say? I’m easy to please!

Hello Fresh

This pandemic has stripped away one of my favorite activities: dining out. And now I have to limit my grocery shopping to times when I absolutely have to because I ran out of bananas once again. My solution? Hello Fresh! They deliver ready-to-make meals right to your door, so you don’t ever have to go out and risk your health. Not to mention that I have way less food waste now because they only give you enough ingredients for the meal you’re making. No more hording that giant bag of carrots in your fridge because of that one recipe that you really only needed ONE carrot for…

Background noise

I typically don’t mind the silence in the first half of my day. I actually prefer it. But usually right around lunch time, I crave some kind of background noise other than the snoring of my dog or the whistling of the train outside. I have employed a few different tactics for this: playing Harry Potter at a low volume, listening to podcasts when I’m doing mundane admin tasks and listening to either an audiobook, podcast or lofi beats. For audiobooks, I just finished Tara Westover’s book Educated and am currently working my way through The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas. I use the Libby app which enables you to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library for free! For podcasts, the TED Radio Hour will always be one of my favorites and, of course, Office Ladies.

What are some of your WFH essentials? Please share them in the comments below!

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