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WFH Week 7 – Thoughts Unworthy of Your Attention

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The semester is slowly coming to a close. Tuesday marked the last day of classes. It’s weird to work from home during this time. This is normally such an invigorating and memorable time of the year for so many as our seniors walk to their last class one final time. Excitement swirls in the air as graduation ceremony preparations are in full swing. Intertwined with the excitement are the ever-present and tangible feelings of stress as students prepare for finals. As the weather gets warmer, more and more students dot the lawn, soaking up as much as sun as possible. The campus is abuzz with life. During lunch time, I walk around the halls to my colleagues offices, rounding up anyone I can to eat our meals outside. We’re excited for finals to be over and for campus to quiet down for a few months as students return home for the summer.

This year, anxiety swirls in the air. I dread nice weather because there are many people who seem to be living in a world in which there is no pandemic. They crowd the walking trails and lounge by the river in large groups without masks. Just yesterday they brought coolers and a game of cornhole…Social distancing seems to be of no concern to them. The tangible feelings of stress still linger. They seep through the computer screen and settle heavily on my chest. I am constantly asked whether I think classes will actually be in-person in the fall. I have about as much of an answer as anyone else at this point. I eat my meals alone for the most part. Zoom is my best friend and worst enemy. Great for keeping in touch with those you miss and great at keeping in touch with those you don’t miss as much…

Truly strange times we live in.

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