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WFH Week 4 – How Intentions Have Overhauled My Mindset

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Quite a bit has changed for me this week, namely, my mindset. I have become much more diligent and purposeful with my daily intention setting. As I wrote about in a previous blog post, my daily focus is much more on a broader goal or intention than my to do list. My intention serves as a constant reminder throughout my day to focus on what is really important such as compassion, understanding and patience. This has greatly improved my relationship with my job.

Before the pandemic, I was starting to feel slightly burned out. Surprisingly, having to work from home during this crisis has improved and reinvigorated my love for what I do. I attribute this in large part to my daily intention setting. It helps me put into perspective what is really important and reminds me why I entered this field in the first place. Because I have to admit, dealing with the Covid 19 crisis was making me even more ill tempered and short fused than I already am naturally. Unfortunately, this seeped into my work. I had much less patience for my students – their emails, constant questions, back to back appointments. Then, one day, I woke up in particularly dreadful mood and I knew what my intention needed to be: Remember why you do what you do.

This immediately changed my whole mood and thought pattern for the day. I remembered that those emails, constant questions and student appointments are literally my job. This is exactly what I get paid to do and frankly, because the questions are constant, is why I have the privilege of still having a job right now. Mindset really is everything, especially in a time like this because we truly cannot control everything and everyone around us (such as those fishermen by the river) but we surely can control our own actions and reactions.

All of this is not to say that setting intentions will clear up depression or anxiety. I still feel down and I still experience anxiety. As such, my intention on those days may focus on taking it slowly or simply staying present. My intentions change daily for this very reason – they accompany me on the rollercoaster of my emotions and operate as the safety bars holding me in place.

If you’ve been struggling with your focus, patience or mindset since the beginning of social distancing, I invite you to set daily intentions in the morning. It’s okay if you use the same one each day or forget one day. The point is to start the practice and adapt it to what works for you.

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