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Running on “E” – A letter to my readers

Hi friends,

I was trying to figure out what to write about this week. Several ideas floated around in my head but none of them felt quite right at this moment. I’ve been feeling quite tired lately – not physically but emotionally and mentally. I thought about writing about burnout in higher ed but when I did research on it, my “symptoms” didn’t seem to quite fit. I am not unhappy or unfulfilled in my role. Compassion fatigue is also not quite the right term. I don’t feel detached from my students or colleagues. So what exactly is happening? Well, I think I’m just tired. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m peopled out, if you will. My social meter is on E and I need to refuel. So, I decided to take a few days off from work. Because, while I do not feel compassion fatigued, I do feel less able to connect. That’s not fair to my students or to me. So, I put in a time-off request. I only had one appointment on my calendar that I rescheduled for today. For my class, I created an online module on a topic that I was going to cover later on in the semester anyway and don’t particularly enjoy teaching – so that worked out. My supervisor didn’t ask why I was taking time off but just asked if everything would be covered in my 2-day absence. I assured her it would and appreciated that she didn’t pry. My introversion is finally catching up to me and with a vengeance. So, I will be taking a few days to recharge. I don’t have any plans and that feels great. I hope to come back next week and rock out the rest of the semester!

Friends, colleagues, anyone who is reading this – when you feel tired (whatever tired looks like for you), it is okay to take a break. And if you need someone to give you permission to take a break, I give you permission.

Lots of Love,


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