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I’m Switching Gears – An Update

I’ve been blogging for over a month now. This may not seem like a particularly big feat, but considering that I rarely stick to anything, this is a pretty big deal! I’ve learned quite a bit over this short period of time, namely, what I enjoy writing about. As such, I will be switching gears slightly. Instead of focusing primarily on current high school students who wish to go to college, my posts will be much more about my experiences, trials and errors, wins and losses, tips and tricks of being an academic advisor in my first three years in the field. I will still write posts geared toward students but my main focus will be on sharing my experiences with my fellow higher education colleagues. An official name change will accompany this small change in direction. Rather than “Going to College”, my blog will just be my name, “Danielle Victoria”.

Another reason for the change is because I have really enjoyed connecting with all you higher education professionals who have enjoyed reading my blog. I see this venture as a great opportunity to expand our collective network and broaden each other’s professional horizons.

Lastly, I value hearing from you, fellow professionals in the field, regarding your experiences, your challenges and your wins. When I shared my post about one of my most challenging weeks of the semester, it resonated with a lot of you because oftentimes we don’t talk about how demanding and exhausting our line of work can be. I want to change that. We should be able to openly talk about both the good and the bad. Opening up the discussion helps us feel less alone, provides an amazing opportunity to help and support one another and will hopefully aid in the reduction of the high burnout rate amongst higher education professionals.

All that to say, I hope you stick with me on this journey as an academic advisor, as a professional, as a blogger and just as a fellow person on this planet. Follow my blog to be notified of new posts and leave comments so I know what you’re thinkin’!

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