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FIVE Easy Steps to Create a Great Schedule

What you’ll need:
  • A print out of one of my FREE weekly schedule templates (check back there frequently for new template themes)
  • Different color pens
  • Your course schedule
Let’s get started!
  • Each block of time equals one hour
  • Begin by adding any events that occur on a weekly basis such as your courses, work schedule, weekly meetings
  • It helps to give each event its own color (green for bio, purple for psych, blue for Netflix, etc)
  • Then, add in time to study – a good rule of thumb is to study for one hour, 3x per week for each 3 credit course (it helps to coordinate the colors so that you know which course you should be studying for at that time)
  • Lastly, add self care time such as lunch, naps, Netflix, workout, etc.
Check out a quick time lapse of my example below:

Helpful Tips

  • Be flexible – if an exam is coming up one week, you may want to shift some things around to accommodate extra review time. Alternatively, you may not have any assignments due or exams coming up for a week and be able to lessen some of that study time.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others – what works for your roommate may not work for you. If they are night owls but you’re not, don’t force yourself to stay up late to cram.
  • Don’t sacrifice sleep or eating to study – your brain needs rest and nourishment in order to have the energy to put what you study into long term memory.
  • Along that line, studying late at night is counterproductive. Chances are that whatever you study past 10pm, your brain won’t recall by morning.

Have any other tips and tricks for how you manage your time? Leave them in the comments below!

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