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My Honest Reflection on 2019

We have reached the final moments of 2019 and I am in the midst of reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the next. 2019 was a rollercoaster of good experiences and not so good ones. I learned from them all and wouldn’t take back any of it. With the help of YearCompass... Continue Reading →

The Value of An Apology

As a woman, I have always had a very adversarial relationship with apologies. As a young girl I suffered, as most young girls do, from an inability to stop apologizing for everything. It got to the point that I felt the need to apologize for simply existing in the physical world. I remember all too... Continue Reading →

Why Unhealthy Pride Will Cost You

Unhealthy pride here refers to being too proud to seek out the help of others or being too proud to accept constructive criticism or feedback. By the definition of unhealthy pride alone, one can surmise that having an unhealthy sense of pride can be detrimental in college. Here are 3 big reasons why:

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