Getting Your Inbox to “0” – A Guide on Time Management for New Professionals

At this point in my professional career, I don't often get flustered or feel stressed at work. This is because I have set boundaries and rules for myself that I follow strictly. Not only are they a part of my self-care routine, they are also a part of my professional development because I thereby grant myself the opportunities to produce high quality work. What do you think of my 7 rules? What are your time management strategies? Share your thoughts in the comments.

How to Write a Professional Email

Once you get to college, the primary method of communication with any college professional, from your advisor to your professor, will be done via email. Some might actually prefer you email them as opposed to coming by in person. Think of it as the college version of the why call when you can text movement! As such, it is important that you know how to properly communicate via email.

Professors Are SCARY – Here are 4 EASY Ways to Combat Your Fear

That college professors are scary or intimidating is something I hear all too often from my students when I ask them why they don’t go to office hours. And truth be told, I found them pretty scary myself, especially as a freshman. After all, they typically hold advanced degrees, such as PhDs, are highly knowledgeable in their field, can have high expectations, throw around big fancy words and last but not least, hold your grade in the palm of their hand. But regardless of how much you may try, you can’t avoid your professors forever and nor should you want to.

Why Unhealthy Pride Will Cost You

Unhealthy pride here refers to being too proud to seek out the help of others or being too proud to accept constructive criticism or feedback. By the definition of unhealthy pride alone, one can surmise that having an unhealthy sense of pride can be detrimental in college. Here are 3 big reasons why:

The Top 3 College Myths

Speaking from my own experiences as a student and now as an academic advisor to first year students, these are the myths I wish I had known were false when I started college. 1) Everyone knows what they're doing So let me be the first, but certainly not the last, to tell you that you’ll... Continue Reading →

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