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Life on Zoom Using GIFS from New Girl

I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted content on my blog. I’ll be posting a life update soon but in the meantime, enjoy some lighthearted fun:

How I like to start my day each morning as I sit down in my living room, ready to do some work:

But then, as I open my overflowing inbox, I’m thinking:

And I realize I didn’t because this is my reaction when my first Zoom appointment actually shows up:

So I take a minute to psych myself up:

And then this is the smile I put on my face as I hit “admit”:

During the weekly staff meeting, everyone’s like this when we overhear something we shouldn’t have because after a year of doing this whole Zoom-work-from-home thing, people still don’t know to mute their mics:

And the sweet soul who gets to tell them that their mic was on throughout their very personal convo:

And to distract from the awkwardness, moms start showing off their kids:

And because kids make me uncomfortable, I try to calmly sip my tea:

Then, when our boss asks us what we’ve been working on today and some of us are like this as we try to hide the pillow marks from our “lunch” nap:

So I turn on my camera to be more “social” but realize too late that I forget to turn on my virtual background and my coworkers get to see aaalll the messes:

Sometimes, I get caught on camera eating my 5th snack of the day and it’s only 9.30AM and people ask me what I’m eating and all I can say is:

And because it’s been a whole year since I’ve properly socialized, this is what happens when I try to make small talk during yet another Zoom lunch:

And then I have to explain my awkwardness:

Overall, it’s been quite the year:

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