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My Dog’s Thoughts Using Gifs from Community

Her judgmental eyes say this, every morning when I wake up

Then, when we get up for the day and she clearly can’t handle her excitement

As I rush to get dressed, she keeps following me around and looking at me like this

Oh, but it dare not rain because then she gets all confused

Then, when we come back inside, she proceeds to use my freshly cleaned rug as her personal butt wipe

As the day goes on, she looks at me like this every time I fumble over my words in a Zoom meeting

And then gets all annoyed when I decide to destress by singing and dancing along to Disney songs

Because I can’t handle the judgement, I decide to get a snack for emotional eating purposes and no matter what I eat, she’s like

So, to compromise, I give her treats but put it in a Kong, an enrichment toy

Sometimes, after work, we’ll people/dog watch together and each time those two puppies play together, we’re both like

At night, when I try to lure her into the bathroom with promises of butt scratches but really intend to brush her teeth and she stops right at the threshold

And finally, when she eventually finds out that the “treats” she gets once a month are actually meds…

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