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The Story of Corona Told Using Harry Potter Gifs

A little over a week ago, this was my reaction each time people freaked out over the coronavirus, calling it a pandemic:

But then, when schools starting closing left and right, I thought:

And then our office closed and told us:

Everyone on the news said this:

So well all had to face this impossible choice:

Now everyone’s all like:

I actually have to cook for myself because I can’t go out to eat:

But I’m okay because I give myself this pep talk every morning:

And then I get ready to wash those handsies for the 50th time:

Every once in a while I’ll check the news for the latest corona stats:

And all I can think is:

On the plus side, I get to spend all day with my dog on the couch, except when I have to wash my hands and then my dog is like:

Sometimes I look out the window and see people talking together and all I can think is:

The real fun starts when we have our team meetings over Zoom and people be doin’ dumb shit. So our boss has to reel us in:

And then we see one person cough or sneeze and we’re all like:

At this point, we’re definitely not getting anything done, so our boss is like:

It’s been a full week of social distancing and telecommuting and this was me on day 3:

So when we finally make it to the other side of this, you may have to admit me:

Thank goodness for social media and everyone’s inspirational quotes:

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