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Since I started this blog in October of last year, I have had multiple people in the field either reach out to me or come up to me to share how much they like my content. First off, I am always incredibly surprised that people actually read my blog. But secondly, I am so grateful... Continue Reading →

There’s a new tab on my blog, “FREE Downloadable Resources”, for all your template, worksheets, activity needs. It’s still new, so not much there yet. But check back often and let me know if you have something cool to add!

Getting Your Inbox to “0” – A Guide on Time Management for New Professionals

At this point in my professional career, I don't often get flustered or feel stressed at work. This is because I have set boundaries and rules for myself that I follow strictly. Not only are they a part of my self-care routine, they are also a part of my professional development because I thereby grant myself the opportunities to produce high quality work. What do you think of my 7 rules? What are your time management strategies? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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