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How to Write a Professional Email

Once you get to college, the primary method of communication with any college professional, from your advisor to your professor, will be done via email. Some might actually prefer you email them as opposed to coming by in person. Think of it as the college version of the why call when you can text movement! As such, it is important that you know how to properly communicate via email.

To Be Honest, Sometimes I Can’t Stand My Job

My heart felt heavy. I was sad and pissed at the same time. "You wait until the last minute to come see me, you see all of the students waiting out there, and then you have the audacity to mark ME as less than satisfactory?" was the refrain I played in my head for the next day and a half. The following morning, slumped in my office chair, head in my hands, I said to myself, "Sometimes I can't stand this job".

The Journey Begins

Most of the time I think to myself, "If only I could have met with my students before they even started college. That way I could have helped them prepare and assured them that they are indeed good enough to be here". And thus, this blog was born. My aim is provide resources and guidance to current high school students who want to go to college because I firmly believe that anyone who wants to go to college, should absolutely be able to. Not only that, they should be successful once they're here! I also wish to reassure those already in college, who doubt themselves and their abilities, because I believe that everyone is capable of succeeding in college as long as they have the tools and the support to do so.

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