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Let me help you put your best foot forward with my original prep packets and corresponding one-on-one feedback services. This is ideal for higher education graduate students preparing for their first round of post-graduate interviews but is suited for anyone on the job hunt in higher education. All services and products are informed by my role on multiple hiring committees and the chair of another and my own experiences with the job search.


As a doctoral candidate with limited experience in higher education, I reached out to Danielle for guidance with my cover letters for job applications. She was quick to reply back with both formative and summative feedback, as well as asking clarifying questions about the positions and other application materials. To that end, Danielle was also another listening ear and invaluable resource–which is especially needed during a harrowing and somewhat isolating job search during and post-degree. I encourage others to be open about getting as many eyes on your application materials as possible.

Courtney Jane B.

I am interviewing for an academic advisor position and Danielle was really helpful with providing feedback from the mock interview. I felt like I was actually interviewing for the position based on her questions and her responses to my post interview questions. The Likert scale was also really helpful to rank my responses and know where I stood! Thanks to the mock interview, I know what interviewing skills I am great at and what I need to refine! Anyone who needs to practice for an interview, whether in-person or phone, should take advantage of this opportunity!

Jenna P.

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