Updates – Exciting Things Are Coming!

Friends! I am so excited to share some really important updates with you. I have been working hard to create some cool, new stuff and while I should probably wait until everything is done and ready to go, I’m too excited and too impatient. So, without further ado:

Mock Interviews

I’ve gained so much insight from frequently serving on hiring committees within my current role as well as from my own experience with the job search. Now I want to share that insight with you and help you prepare for your post-graduate job interviews. I am offering mock phone interviews designed to help you practice your interviewing skills. The questions and format of the interview are modeled after real interviews I have conducted for positions in higher education. This is the one service that is already up and running and is currently free (but not for long, so don’t miss out!). You can find out more about it here. I already have one satisfied client, who had this to say:

I am interviewing for an academic advisor position and Danielle was really helpful with providing feedback from the mock interview. I felt like I was actually interviewing for the position based on her questions and her responses to my post interview questions. The Likert scale was also really helpful to rank my responses and know where I stood! Thanks to the mock interview, I know what interviewing skills I am great at and what I need to refine! Anyone who needs to practice for an interview, whether in-person or phone, should take advantage of this opportunity!

Jenna P.

Interview Prep Packet

This is the one thing that’s taking me so long to complete but I’m already really proud of it. I have created a comprehensive packet that provides you with interview question prompts to fill in with your own answers in preparation for your interviews in higher education. I have also included helpful hints for many of the questions. Included are: prompts for essential responses you’ll need for any job interview, role-specific prompts, a worksheet to help you with the pre-interview research and a space to draft a post-interview thank you email. Click the “download” button below to see a sneak peek!

Cover Letter Feedback

Cover letters can truly make or break your job application and I am always surprised by the amount of bad ones I have read. Don’t be one of them and let me review your cover letter. I will provide you with one-on-one feedback on the strengths and the opportunities for growth of your cover letter. This service is not yet available but is coming soon!

Cover Letter Prep Packet

What makes most of the lackluster cover letters so bad is not necessarily the actual writing. Instead, they often lack vital information, specific examples and personality. In order to combat that, I have created a cover letter prep packet, similar to the interview prep packet, that includes prompts to help you make sure you didn’t forget anything. This product is not yet available but is coming soon!

As you can see, there are lots of exciting things in the works. If you want to be the first to be notified as everything becomes available, all you need to do is sign up for my email list below!

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